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MPSI is the next-generation Cosmetic Clinic in Dubai for women, men, and all. Headed by two leading plastic surgeons in Dubai, MPSI is an exemplar of excellence in cosmetic enhancements. Equipped with the latest tech and finest staff, we offer a wide range of cosmetic solutions to give you the body and confidence you so desire.

Located within the advanced facility of Valiant Clinic & Hospital, we strive to create a world-class experience for our patients coming from across UAE. Our team offers top-of-the-line cosmetic solutions for a wide range of surgical and non-surgical treatments. This includes some of the most popular procedures like Rhinoplastyfacelift, and blepharoplasty (eyelid lift), and body sculpting procedures like HD liposuction, breast lift or augmentation, tummy tuck surgery, and many more.

You will feel the compassion and professionalism of our staff from your very first step in the clinic. Our staff takes special care of your personal demands and overall wellness after treatment. We’ve partnered with the premium healthcare brands in the industry to help you get the most trusted implants and  cosmetic treatments

Our surgeons, who have over three decades of experience, are highly empathetic towards your personal and cultural needs and customise all treatment modalities to achieve aesthetic results that are well-suited  to you. This internationally-minded approach combined with cutting-edge techniques is what makes us the desired cosmetic clinic in Dubai.

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The Aesthetic Masters

Dr Adnan

Best Plastic Surgeon in Dubai - Dr Adnan Tahir

Dr Adnan Tahir is a UK-trained plastic surgeon in Dubai with 20 years of experience in the aesthetic field. After finishing his basic surgical training at the Royal College of Surgeons, he began his career in Plastic Surgery in 2003. (Eng).

He is well known as a celebrity plastic surgeon in Dubai. Through the decades of his practice, Dr Adnan gained extensive experience in Rhinoplasty, HD Liposuction, Abdominoplasty, Face/Neck Lift, Blepharoplasty, Prominent Ear correction, and cosmetic breast surgeries. He is equally revered for his expertise in reconstruction surgery related to burns, cancer, trauma, and birth deformities.

Dr Rory

Cosmetic Surgeon in Dubai - Dr. Rory McGoldrick

Dr Rory McGoldrick is a renowned reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon in Dubai. He has over 20 years of rich experience in the aesthetic field. He has trained in the NHS in London teaching hospitals as well as other major cities in England, Europe, Canada, and the United States.

He is a consultant surgeon, which differs from the term specialist and is only granted to a few doctors in Dubai. It signifies his higher level of enormous surgical experience and rigorously gained official certifications. As one of the founding members of MPSI Clinic, he personally focuses on aesthetic breast surgeries, body contouring, non-surgical rejuvenation, and the wider domain of medical aesthetic arts.



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