Arm lift surgery in Dubai


When there is a significant excess of skin, many patients would want to tighten the arm area and improve the contour of their upper arms. The key cause of flabby upper arms is loose skin from localised fat build-up followed by weight loss. This problem is also brought on by skin ageing in middle-aged and elderly patients, whose upper arm skin can become saggy. This affliction is also referred to as “Bat Wings” arms in severe circumstances.

This condition can be rectified by the procedure called ‘Arm Lift’.

Our plastic surgeons at MPSI are skilled in performing arm lift surgery in Dubai to improve the contour of the upper arms and the area where they attach to the chest wall. We provide a variety of arm lift choices and customise each procedure to the patient’s requirements.

Time Required-

4-6 hrs

Surgery Under

General Anaesthesia

Short Recovery Time

High Satisfaction Rate

What is Arm Lift?

Also known as Brachioplasty, an arm lift procedure eliminates the extra skin and fat. It is carried out to reshape and tone the sagging upper arms. Additionally, it improves the contour of the upper arm and assists in smoothing and tightening the underlying supporting tissue.

The incision scar can be from the armpit area down to the elbow. The extra tissue is cut away, and the obstinate fat cells are removed via liposuction.

Arm lift surgery in Dubai

Who is a good candidate for an arm lift surgery in Dubai?

Weight gain or loss, ageing, and heredity are the three main causes of slack, sagging skin. Patients can tighten sagging skin and restructure their upper arms with an arm lift in Dubai. Both men and women who have arm lift surgery report a considerable improvement in how their upper arms look. So, if any of the following apply to you, you are a suitable candidate:

You want your upper arms to be more toned and youthful.

Your arm skin is drooping or hanging (bat wings)

The skin on your upper arms is loose.

You’re dedicated to leading a healthy lifestyle and eating well.

You have lost weight, and your underarm skin is loose.

What is the procedure for an arm lift?

A cosmetic (aesthetic) operation called an arm lift enhances the appearance of your arm from the armpit to the elbow. The excess skin or fat between the elbow and armpit is removed during this treatment, and the remaining skin is then positioned over the newly realigned outlines to give your arm a toned, defined appearance. As a result, the arm lift treatment gives the patient’s upper arm a defined, toned appearance.

Arm lift in Dubai

What are the various types of arm lift procedures?

Limited arm lift: Patients with loose skin are the major candidates for this operation. The extra skin is removed, and the scar is not readily noticeable because the incision is made in the armpit.

Short-scar arm lift: This surgery is advised for individuals with minor upper arm tissue laxity. The arm skin is corrected using a T-shaped scar during the short-scar arm lift operation. It is lifted toward the armpit to give the skin a toned appearance.

Extended arm lift: Patients with severe tissue and skin laxity are advised to have an extended arm lift operation. An incision is formed on the armpit’s inner surface and the arm’s back during this surgery, extending from the armpit to the elbow. The lower arm’s tissues and any extra loose skin are removed during this surgery.

L-arm lift:  Patients with extreme arm laxity are recommended for this kind of arm lift operation. Patients who choose an L-arm lift typically have undergone gastric bypass surgery or significant weight loss. The armpit sagginess is fixed in this surgery by removing any extra skin or fatty tissue.

What is the procedure for an arm lift?

Prior to your arm lift operation, you should schedule a 1-2 week healing period. Post-operative instructions will be given to you, and our surgeon will educate you on the specifics of your recovery phases.

After arm lift surgery, the arms’ outline becomes tighter, smoother, and more clearly defined practically right away. Although transitory, swelling and bruising should start to go down within two weeks. There will still be a scar where the incision was made, but it will get much better and lighter with time.

What are the benefits of arm lift surgery in Dubai?

Arm lift surgery can deliver visible, long-lasting, and safe results like:

Why choose MPSI for arm lift surgery in Dubai?

MPSI abides by the latest and advanced techniques and hence holds competence in plastic surgery. Our artistry and precision are what set us apart. Our surgeons believe in generating the optimal results along with individualised and personalised care. Besides, at MPSI, our patients are sure to receive accurate, reassuring, and transformative outcomes they have always desired in the safest way.

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