Breast Implant Removal or Exchange in Dubai

An Overview:

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery for increasing breast volume with implants. And although breast implants have no expiry date as such, anyone who has had breast augmentation may need breast implant removal due to various reasons. 

Time Required-

1-3 hours

Surgery Under

General Anaesthesia

Short Recovery Time

High Satisfaction Rate

When to consider breast implant removal in Dubai?

 Here are some reasons why women voluntarily choose breast implant removal surgery in Dubai.

Breast implant removal in Dubai
breast implant removal surgery in Dubai

Typically, implant removal involves replacing old breast implants with new implants in the same procedure. Occasionally, a patient may opt to not have any implants at all, in which case, the surgeon may perform a breast lift at the same time to reduce the breast volume, which will involve additional scars.

breast implant removal surgery in Dubai

Breast implant removal/exchange process

Implant removal surgery is well planned in advance. The surgeon will obtain pictures of the breasts, previous implant information, and the current expectation of clients for the implant removal or exchange process.

The surgery takes place under anaesthesia. Depending upon individual breast anatomy, a tailored breast implant exchange surgery is performed.

 If you have recently had breast implant surgery and are not satisfied with the results,  the surgeon can replace the breast implant through the same incision scar on the breasts.

 In some cases, when the implants rupture or displace, the surgeon will have to make a larger incision to empty complete breast implant pockets.  Usually, this surgery takes longer than usual implant removal or breast implant exchange surgery.

If the client wants to increase the implant’s size, a bigger implant can be inserted in place. However, if new implants are significantly smaller, the surgeon has to perform mastopexy to adjust excess hanging breast skin and tissues and implant exchange surgery in Dubai.

Things to remember after implant removal

Why choose MPSI for breast implant removal/exchange in Dubai?

MPSI plastic surgery is one of the few plastic surgery clinics in Dubai known to offer flawless aesthetic surgeries. Our experts, Dr Rory McGoldrick and Dr Adnan Tahir, collectively have over four decades of experience and expertise as renowned plastic surgeons.

We use the premium quality, lightweight, and ergonomic Motiva implants that fit in breast pockets so well that it doesn’t feel like an implant is inside. These and every other implant brand we use are easy to remove without risks and complications.

So, if you are looking for breast implant removal or breast implant exchange surgery, you can book a consultation with any of our experts right away.