What to expect from breast revision surgery?

Breast revision surgery

Breast revision surgery is not typically not on the top of mind for women undergoing breast augmentation surgery. However, you should know breast implants are not permanent fixtures, and additional surgery may be required at some point in the patient’s life due to the nature of implants.


Breast or implant revision surgery is a life-changing procedure with great patient satisfaction. While implants are intended to last long, a secondary operation known as breast revision or breast implant removal surgery is a viable option.


Let us dive into the reasons for getting this procedure and how you can prepare for it with utmost guidance!


Why should you have breast revision surgery?


Why should you have a breast revision surgery


Modifications could develop over time even if your initial breast implant surgery was meticulously planned and carried out. Therefore, breast revision surgery may be appropriate if you have any concerns about your breast implants.


If you have any of the following issues, breast revision surgery may be an option to consider:

  • Your saline breast implants have deflated, or an X-ray or MRI indicates a shell leak in your silicone implant.
  • You want to adjust the size of your breast implants.
  • You want to get rid of your breast implants.
  • The scar tissue around the implant has tightened, or your breast implants have displaced.
  • Weight loss or gain, pregnancy, or breastfeeding have all had a negative impact on the appearance of your breasts.
  • You are dissatisfied with the outcome of your previous surgery due to inadequate implant placement or other issues.


Some of the advantages of breast implant revision are as follows:


  • Restore the shape of your breast, making it firmer
  • Reduce or increase the size of your breasts
  • Enhance the uniformity of your breasts.
  • Treat any problems caused by a leaky implant or capsular contracture.


Why is Breast Revision Surgery differ from other breast surgery?


Breast revision surgery is not a “one size fits all” treatment. It must be carefully adapted to the needs and goals of each patient. Secondary surgery is frequently more difficult than main surgery and necessitates a more sophisticated skill set on the side of your doctor. 


A breast revision surgeon must manage difficult issues such as scar tissue and changes to the skin and breast caused by the initial surgery. Advanced techniques and meticulous attention to detail are required to produce the best outcomes. 


Hence, breast revision should only be performed by highly experienced, board-certified plastic surgeons.


Preparing for an implant removal surgery


Breast Implant Removal


The initial step in any surgical treatment is to consult with your physician. Prepare to discuss your prior operations, intended results, and factors that may affect the procedure’s success, such as medical conditions, alcohol or cigarette usage, allergies, drugs or supplements used, during a consultation for breast implant revision. The surgeon will assess your health and current breast implants, review revision choices and any related risks, and propose a course of therapy. 


Ask questions and make sure you understand everything about the surgery. Your surgeon’s candidness and extensive communication are critical to the safety and effectiveness of your breast revision surgery.

Follow your surgeon’s advice regarding food, fitness, rest, medications, supplements, and hygiene in preparation for the procedure. In addition, perform all required lab tests, diagnostic tests, and medical exams. Being in good physical and emotional form before treatment is essential for a successful operation and recovery. 


Set up a comfortable area to recuperate, request suitable time off work, schedule daycare or pet care if necessary, and prepare prescriptions, post-op clothing, and any other items your doctor prescribes.


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