Brow lift in Dubai

Brow Lift Surgery in Dubai

Also called a forehead rejuvenation or lift, brow lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure to raise the eyebrows. It improves the appearance of the brow and the eyes by raising the brow and forehead skin.

You might opt for a brow lift if you have a low, hanging brow or brow with asymmetry. A brow lift, in many cases, also boosts the self-confidence of the client. A brow lift can either be done as a stand-alone procedure or with other facial procedures, such as facelift surgery.

Ageing can often cause the brows to move down. As skin and other soft tissue lose elasticity, the distance between the brows and lashes also shortens with time. The position of your brows can make you look angry, tired, or sad. Conversely, a brow lift can raise eyebrows and restore a more pleasing appearance to the face.

A women with Brow lift in Dubai

How to prepare for a brow lift surgery in Dubai?

Initially, you may want to talk to our specialist plastic surgeon about a brow lift. During your first visit,  our surgeon will likely:

Review medical history: Be prepared to answer any question about current and past medical conditions. Talk about any medications you’ve taken recently and any surgeries you’ve gone through. Tell the surgeon if you are even mildly allergic to any medications.

Do a physical exam: The doctor will examine and measure different areas of your face with your eyes open and closed to determine options.

Discuss expectations: Explain why you want this surgery and your hopes regarding appearance post-procedure. Make sure you understand all of the benefits and risks of the surgery.

Before the surgery, you might also need to:

Stop smoking

Smoking is known to decrease the blood flow in the skin and can slow the healing process. Your doctor will recommend stopping Smoking before surgery and during recovery if you smoke.


Avoid certain medications

You will be advised not to take aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, or herbal supplements, which can increase bleeding.


Arrange for help

Make arrangements for a friend or a relative to drive you home after the surgery and arrange for them to stay with you for at least the first night of your recovery at home.


What is the procedure of brow lift in Dubai?

There are various brow lift techniques, depending on your desired results from the procedure. In addition, your surgeon’s specific technique will decide the specific location of the incisions and, eventually, the resulting scars.

Doctor Doing Brow lift procedure

Your surgeon might use any of the following techniques:

Endoscopic brow lift

The surgeon will make a few small incisions, most probably behind your hairline. They will insert a long thin tube mounted with a light and a camera on its end through one of the incisions to view your underlying muscles and tissue. Other incisions are used to insert thin surgical tools to alter soft tissue.

Coronal brow lift

 Our surgeon may start by making a small cut behind your hairline at the top of your head, from ear to ear, or primarily on the top of your head. Next, they will lift your forehead into its new position.

Hairline brow lift

With this technique, an incision is made between the top of your forehead and the beginning of your hairline following which a small amount of skin from the top of your forehead is removed. As a result of this, your hairline won’t be pulled back.

How is the recovery after procedure?

After brow lift surgery in Dubai, your forehead might be loosely compressed to minimize swelling.

The doctor will give you specific instructions on caring for your incisions. For example, for the first few days after the surgery:

By raising your forehead and brow skin, this procedure can give your face a more youthful appearance. Brow lift results last as long as your skin remains supple and healthy. 

after recovery of Brow Lift surgery in dubai

Why choose us for a brow lift surgery in Dubai?

MPSI  is one of the esteemed clinics for brow lift surgery in Dubai. Led by the two expert plastic surgeons in Dubai – Dr Adnan Tahir and Dr Rory McGoldrick.  Our healthcare professionals treat the patients in a caring and safe environment. During the consultation, our experts explain all the details, discuss all the options with you, and ensure that all your queries are answered before you undergo surgery. For more information, reach out to us now!