Things to know before getting breast implants

Things to know before getting breast implants

Are you about to undergo breast augmentation surgery? Have you been going round in circles looking for the right information? Even reading blogs like this one, perhaps? It’s completely natural to have lots of questions and concerns about breast augmentation surgery – but you don’t have to feel alone. That’s why we’ve put together this post to highlight things that you need to know before getting breast implants as part of your breast augmentation surgery.

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Here’s our checklist of things to know before your breast implant procedure:


Take enough time off and get ready to heal


While doing research about your actual surgery is crucial, you also need to know about recovery after surgery and how to get ready for the healing process. Breast augmentation is a major procedure so you’ll need to have a place already set up at home where you can recuperate after surgery.

Organise help around the house and for your children in plenty of time. Plan to take time off from work, the gym and all the normal activities that are part and parcel of family life.

Have any pain relief medication ready and waiting for you and stock up on movies, books and all those things you never seem to have time to catch up on…think of your recovery period as some extra “me time”!


Believe in your surgeon


Choosing an experienced plastic surgeon is probably the crucial important prep you can do for your breast augmentation procedure. Do your research by asking for a personal recommendation from family, friends and contacts and check out individual surgeons’ social media, websites and ratings. Above all, choose someone you believe in. Knowing that you’ve selected the expert plastic surgeon will give you confidence that you’ll get the optimal results.

As well as performing your procedure, your surgeon will serve as your advisor when it comes to preparing for your breast augmentation and recovery afterwards. Have faith in their knowledge as they are the expert!


Every woman is unique


Considering implant size, shape, and type is all part of the breast augmentation process. While you make these decisions with your surgeon, keep in mind that every woman is unique. More natural enhancements are popular these days, with an emphasis on subtle changes and a more fit and healthy look.

Your breast implant size (or CC) will be unique to you and so too will your breast augmentation procedure. Your choices will depend on a range of factors, including your body type, chest width and implant type. You should try on several implant sizes and types during your consultation and see which one works for you.


Post-surgery anxiety


If you’ve looked into breast augmentation, you’ve probably come across information on how some women experience disappointment with their “new boobs” following surgery. It’s really common to have high expectations when changing a physical characteristic of your body for cosmetic reasons.

Allow your body enough time to recuperate. There will be times when your new breasts appear too small, and you wish you had chosen a larger size, as well as instances when they appear too large. Even after surgery, some patients question whether they made the proper choice. Remember that these feelings will pass – soon, your new breasts will seem like a natural part of you, and any post-surgery anxiety will fade away.


Patience is the key


You must always exercise patience, just as you would with any sort of cosmetic surgery. As your body heals, it will undergo weekly changes. After your operation, you won’t truly notice your full effects for six to nine months. Be patient till then!

Until your wounds are completely healed, and your breast implants have “settled in,” hold off shopping for new clothing or bras. Patients too frequently let their pleasure in their new appearance override the fact that their bodies are still healing. It’s an exciting transformation, but you’ll love the finished product even more if you give your body time to heal and your implants to settle in.


Be cautious while you sunbathe


You need to be extra careful when sunbathing. You’ll need to keep incision scars out of direct sunlight for about a year following surgery as sun exposure can cause permanent discolouration. Simply apply to stick plasters over the scars. The implants themselves shouldn’t be impacted by tanning, but the silicone may become warmer so your breasts may take longer to cool than the rest of the body.


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