8 tips to keep in mind while considering plastic and cosmetic surgery in Dubai

cosmetic surgery in Dubai

More women and men are interested in cosmetic surgery than ever before – it’s no longer the preserve of celeb A-listers. Women are looking to improve body aesthetics with procedures like mummy makeovers, combo tummy tucks and breast and face lifts. Men are also actively looking for body-enhancing procedures for correcting issues like gynecomastia, sagging jowls, crow’s feet, or cottage cheese thighs. 


While cosmetic surgery can be exciting, transforming and life-changing, there is always that ‘fear of the unknown’ before a cosmetic procedure. And it shouldn’t be a quick and hasty decision. So here are 8 tips offered by experienced surgeons that you should consider before undergoing cosmetic surgery in Dubai. 


1. Have realistic expectations 


The goal of cosmetic surgery should be to improve the aesthetic appeal and symmetry of the body, in other words, to enhance your looks. And the aim of your cosmetic surgeon will be to create a proportion and harmony for the body and face that looks natural. 

The procedure itself won’t fix your life but by taking steps to look better, you will feel better too. And this new-found confidence will have a positive effect on your relationships, professional life and your overall self-esteem.

Whether you want to correct a hooked nose, firm up your arms following bariatric surgery, lift your breasts post-pregnancy or tighten a loose chin, the by-product will be a happier and more confident you.


2. Choosing a cosmetic surgeon for your surgery


Select your surgeon based on their qualification, skill, and experience. Go for a board-certified surgeon with proven experience, genuine online reviews, and before/after pictures. Choose a surgeon you feel comfortable discussing your concerns with and who helps you make an informed decision. 


3. Check out the facility 


Along with your chosen surgeon’s credentials, make sure you check out the facility they work in, whether that’s in a multi-specialty hospital or a private cosmetic clinic in Dubai. Know that a private room, mall or office building is often less adequately equipped to address potential complications. 

MPSI, for example, offers excellence in cosmetic enhancements in a clinical facility well-equipped with the latest tech and premium facilities. 


4. Do it at the right time!


Except for a few aesthetic procedures (such as rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, etc.), women should consider postponing cosmetic procedures on their body until they complete their family. Having babies and feeding them cause significant changes in your body. It’s advisable to wait until you’re sure that no more pregnancies are planned before you go for correction procedures to tuck and lift your post-birth body.

Men, too, should wait until they achieve a stable body weight for procedures like gynaecomastia reduction and tummy tuck.


5. Consider a combined approach 


Your surgeon may recommend a combination of procedures to achieve the expected result. For example, they may suggest a combination of rhinoplasty and chin enhancement for a better and more natural look than what can be achieved in just one treatment. A mummy makeover includes a custom set of procedures to reshape multiple body aspects like breasts, waistline, thighs, buttocks, etc. 

Don’t be afraid to discuss the alternatives with your surgeon before your procedure to know how to achieve the desired results. 


6. Be patient with recovery


Don’t expect miracles immediately after surgery – just be patient! Your body takes time to heal from swelling and bruising. Your skin will also take time to adapt to a new shape. You may also need to stay away from strenuous activities for a while. Talk to your surgeon about post-procedure expectations.


7. Understand the risk involved 


Plastic surgery is an elective procedure with the same general risks and complications as any other surgery. These include the impact of anaesthesia, wound infection and bleeding but should not be life-threatening or long-term.

It’s important to choose an experienced and skilled surgeon who will keep any risks to a minimum. 


8. Expect natural results from cosmetic surgery


Go for enhancements that look natural. For example, people with fat deposits can go for fat liposuction surgeries, while if you’re slimmer, implants will be more appropriate. Discuss different lifting and tightening procedures with your surgeon and make a realistic choice for yourself. Go for less complicated, long-lasting results, especially when it comes to breast implant surgeries.

Cosmetic surgery is a beautiful combination of art and science, requiring the patient and doctor to work together in harmony to achieve the desired outcome. The decision to proceed with the surgery is completely yours; take this decision with clarity after discussing the details with your surgeon and with realistic expectations in mind.


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