Upper Body Lift Dubai

What is an upper body lift?

Upper body lift surgery combines different procedures, including a breast liftupper arm lift, or surgery to remove fat rolls from the back to make you look lean and curvy. Reshaping the loose and saggy skin created by either massive weight loss or after liposuction to create firm and smooth contouring helps improve your profile and self-confidence. An upper body lift can also be performed as part of a mummy makeover procedure.

Time Required-

4-6 hrs

Surgery Under

General Anaesthesia

Short Recovery Time

High Satisfaction Rate

When to consider an upper body lift surgery in Dubai?

You should consider getting an upper body lift  surgery in Dubai in the following cases.

  • If you have recently undergone massive weight loss and have saggy skin over different parts.
  • If you have excess or saggy belly skin after pregnancy.
  • If you are discouraged by the naturally loose skin around your arms, breasts or waist.
  • If you have fat rolls around the edges of your lower back.
Upper body lift in Dubai

What is the procedure for an upper body lift in Dubai?

Each patient undergoing an upper body lift in Dubai needs a customised surgical approach. So your experience will depend on which procedures you elect or are suggested to get. The common upper body lift procedures include the following.

You may need an upper arm lift procedure if you have had excess fat removed by liposuction. Here, your doctor will make an incision underneath the armpit or along the back of the arm to tighten the upper arm skin.

A breast lift or Mastopexy procedure helps reduce breast sagging (breast ptosis). You may naturally have saggy breasts, or they may develop after pregnancy or weight loss. Breast ptosis is typically categorised into three incremental grades of breast sagging and nipple descent, along with another condition of lower breast sagging (pseudoptosis). Here, the loose skin area will be removed, and the nipple and areola will be relocated to a higher position on the breast.

  • Back lift

It is for patients who want fat rolls removed from their lower, middle or upper back. The excess skin will also be removed to form the ‘S-shaped’ or ‘V-shaped’ back in women or men, respectively.

What to expect?

Your surgeon will estimate the plan and duration of the procedure based on the details and combinations of your procedures during consultation.

You will receive medications to be comfortable during the surgical procedure. An anesthesiologist or nurse anaesthetist will be present to administer sedatives or general anaesthesia and assist in monitoring you during surgery.

For your safety during the procedure, the doctor will also monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, and the oxygen in your blood.

What are the pros of getting an upper body lift?

  • Your body will look and feel leaner.
  • Your clothes will fit better.
  • Loose skin that may have caused discomfort and rashes will be removed.
  • This procedure will smoothen the bulges around your back.

What are the limitations of upper body lift surgery?

All surgical procedures have some risk attached to them. The potential complications of this procedure are common in many cosmetic surgeries, which include adverse reactions to anaesthesia, infection and bleeding or scarring. However, these side effects can be prevented and treated if you get the surgery done by a qualified surgeon.

Why choose MPSI for upper body lift surgery in Dubai?

MPSI is one of the frequently visited clinics for an upper body lift in Dubai. Led by two of the expert body lift plastic surgeons in Dubai – Dr Adnan Tahir and Dr Rory McGoldrick. Our doctors treat the patients in a caring and safe environment. During the consultation, our experts explain all the details, discuss all the options with you, and ensure that you have all your queries answered before you undergo surgery. For more information, contact us today!